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About me


It all started in 2004 on a craftwork fair from de catalan Pyrenean when I met a turner who was making spinning tops for the kids on a lathe that he had installed at the marquee where he was selling his products.

It was there, in that moment when my passion for the wood turnery came out and it hasn’t stopped growing since then. I have to say that I have always had a few abilities for crafts and I have temporarily worked in ceramic workshops as well as in some wood workshops.


I’m a lover of tools and I have always been very interested in learning different working techniques with a diversity of materials and utilities. It is for that reason that I regularly attend any kind of national and international events related to the wood turning world.

Although my educational journey involved different masters and schools either in Spain or in France, my principal reference was Majorcan Míquel López, a huge Turner master and an excellent person.

Woodmorning project

Right now one of my principal tasks is to work on the Woodmorning project whose main objective is to provide knowledgment, give information, create a community, share and enjoy with the people that are involved in this environment.

I have a formative and practice workshop in Barcelona where numerous people go through there with the same passion for wood as me and it is also where we share our wisdom every day and of course, a lot of great moments.